CrunchWeek: YikYak Vs. Spam, VCs Funding Coffee, Big Steps For Science Tech

Another week in tech has come and gone, bringing a fresh crop of stories for us to talk about on CrunchWeek, the show that brings a few TechCrunch writers together to talk about some of the most interesting news of the past seven days.

This time, Sarah Buhr, Josh Constine and I gathered around the big white table to talk about Josh’s big story on YikYak’s controversial methods for blocking spam (and consequently shutting out talk about its competitors), Philz Coffee’s $15 million funding round, which is just the latest case of venture capitalists giving money to a decidedly non-tech company, and new breakthroughs in health and science tech, from Scanadu’s iPhone-enabled “pee stick” and 23andMe’s small breakthrough with the FDA. Check it all out above!

This episode was shot and edited by Yashad Kulkarni, and produced by Felicia Williams.