Hortonworks Misses On Revenue And Profit In Lackluster Q4

Let’s talk about money!

Hortonworks reported its earnings today, the first time it has as a public company! :)

Revenues for its fourth quarter totaled $12.7 million, up 55 percent on year-over-year basis. :)

But investors had expected the company to report revenue of $13.42 million. :(

The company lost money in the quarter, $90.6 million using normal accounting methods (GAAP). :(

Using adjusted metrics, however, that loss is only $36.9 million for the period. :)

That works out to a much smaller $2.19 per share loss. :)

But investors had expected a narrower loss of $2.04 per share. :(

Hortonworks expects its revenue to grow to $17.5 to $18.5 million in the current quarter. :)

That is way above street expectations of $15.2 million for quarter. :)

Which is why, I surmise, the company hasn’t tanked in after-hours trading after reporting its dullish fourth quarter. :)

Hortonworks is only down 2.48 percent, a haircut after missing on both top and bottom lines. :)

Provided that Hortonworks can make its current-quarter projections, investors will be all :) as the company will have accelerated its year-over-year revenue growth from the fourth quarter. :)

The company burned through a net $87.86 million in cash in 2014. The company has several years’ worth of reserves, given its IPO haul that swelled its coffers to north of $200 million. :)

But the company’s losses have been increasing over time, which could lead to the company needing more cash than one might expect. :(

In short, the quarter was saved by strong guidance. If the Hortonworks team can’t make their numbers, well, you know what to expect. :|