TC AppleCast 7: Apple Watch Event Preview

It’s that time: The Apple Watch event happens Monday, and we’ll get answers to all our remaining burning questions about the wearable coming out of Cupertino. Based on our discussion, we’re very much still in the dark about how much these will cost, and just how much third-party software will be able to offer. Also, we discuss what else Apple might show off on stage, including a refreshed Apple TV or Thunderbolt display.

Price remains the big blank space in terms of our current knowledge about the Apple Watch, given how many details have been filled in by last-minute leaks and reports. We’re also eager to see who Apple chooses to help show off what’s possible with third-party apps on the Apple Watch, especially given the apparent limitations of the developer tools available currently.

Apple will probably also have some surprises in store – it’s a very rare special event hosted by the company where nothing unexpected comes out. We’ll be there to cover it live, of course, and will also have lots of follow-up and features around the new announcements in the days to follow, so stay tuned.

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