TC Droidcast Episode 41: Our USB-C Fantasy Future

Google has updated its ambitious Chromebook Pixel, with longer all-day battery life and a lower price tag, but the USB-C ports for charging and I/O are what have us most excited on this week’s Droidcast. They lead us into a fantasist discussion of what might come via future use of the tech across smartphones, smartwatches and other devices, and you can join us on this wild ride.

The other topics this week include Android 5.1 and its relative merits, as well as a short dirge on the soon-to-be-departed PlayStation Mobile from Sony. Also, we discuss Google’s retail strategy, which underwent some changes today, including a brand new online storefront, and the introduction of new store-within-a-store setups in Curry’s outlets in the UK.

Please forgive us for also getting sidetracked once or twice with Apple’s new MacBook – though I’m sure at least a few Android fans are taking a covetous look in that direction, regardless of their mobile platform preference.

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