TC AppleCast 11: If You Had To Choose Just One – Apple Hardware Or Apple Software?

On this week’s episode, we discuss both a lengthy profile of Tim Cook, as well as a full biography of Steve Jobs. We also cover some concrete announcements, including the open-sourcing of React, Facebook’s (potentially better than UIKit) UIKit alternative, and the acquisition of database company FoundationDB by Apple, and what that might mean.

But wait, that’s not all! We also tackle new rumors of a 4-inch iPhone 6c that surfaced this week, and look at the possibilities that might arise from a new patent applied for by Apple for smart packaging that lets users set up, secure and even purchase devices before ever taking them out of the box or speaking to a sales associate.

Finally, we ask the question first posed (or at least, most notably posed) by John Gruber back in a 2012 thought experiment: Forced to choose, would you opt for Apple hardware running other (Android/Windows software), or Apple software (running on Windows/Android hardware), all other factors being equal? Let us know either way, and find out what we’d choose below.

Direct download available here, or find us on iTunes and SoundCloud.