Russia’s Skolkovo Foundation Expands Its Tech City With €200M, Finland-backed BioCity

Until now Russia’s Skolkovo Foundation has been best known for an enormous ’tech city’ built just outside of Moscow. But today it expands its reach with the signing of a deal with the Finland-based Turku Science Park Oy to construct the Centre for Bio Technologies Skolkovo, with the working title of BioCity. The deal is worth 200 million euro and will span 10,000-square metres with the building rising between four and six floors.

BioCity will combine offices, laboratories, production premises, co-working, education and public areas for BioTech startups to launch from. It will also will transfer Turku experience in biotechnology development and management, to Skolkovo and localise the products as well.

Thus the ongoing love-in between Finland and Russia is continuing, even as international politics continues to play out in new and interesting ways.