TechCrunch To Host Its 10th Anniversary Party At TOA Berlin

TechCrunch has been supporting Tech Open Air Berlin since it started in 2012, and we want to continue to do so as our commitment to the European ecosystem. (Just as we’re doing with The Europas Conference & Awards in London next week).

Tech Open Air Berlin builds a bridge between the tech, music, art and science worlds.

This year Tech Open Air expects up to 4,000+ attendees and has now been expanded to a full 3 days: 15th to 17th July (15th and 16th at alte Teppichfabrik, 17th all over the city for satellite events).

And this year TechCrunch is hosting the Closing Party in honour of our 10th Anniversary! So please come along.

Meanwhile, we have our own big event in December, of course. You can register for Disrupt London 2-for-1 tickets here.

And buy Startup Alley tickets here.

Some highlighted speakers at TOA will be:

Robert Gentz, Co-Founder & CEO of Zalando
Christian Hardenberg, Global CTO at Rocket Internet
Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation & the man bringing Elon Musk’s transport vision to reality
Stefan Weitz, Director of Search at Microsoft
Jonathan Christensen, Co-Founder & CEO at Wire
Urška Sršen, Co-Founder and CCO of Bellabeat
Yonatan Raz-Fridman, Co-Founder & CEO Kano

and many more!

Picture by Heisenberg Media