This Week On The TechCrunch Bitcoin Podcast: The Greek Slump, And Litecoin’s Re-Implosion

And lo, volatility returned to the crypto-markets.

It’s been a fun week in the bitcoin markets, having seen the price of the stuff break the emotionally important $300 mark, only to fall back underneath it. The mini rally was perhaps inspired in part by Grecian fever dreams.

And then there was Litecoin, which cause a stir by showing something akin to life, before giving up the ghost in a massive slide. Pump and dump? That or improbable spike followed by a nearly record decline.

Biggs is off next week, so we’ll be back in a fortnight. Send us an email if you are working on a bitcoin-related startup/ We want a few of you to come on the show and tell us what’s up.

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