CrunchWeek: Tech Makes Money, Reddit’s Implosion Continues, And Your Favorite Startup Is Doomed

Hello my friend, and welcome back to another episode of CrunchWeek. We’re glad that you are with us today.

This time ’round the round white table red chairs Drew Olanoff, Sarah Lane, and your humble servant discussed three of the week’s largest stories: The massive spike in technology earnings, Reddit’s never-ending issues regarding content and Internet trolling, and, of course, the current carnage among some of Uber For X startups.

All that and a bit of #personalnews. Next week, a new TechCrunch show called Bullish is launching, and I’m the host. It will debut on Wednesday at 10 am Eastern, and 7 am Pacific. So set your DVR browser to TechCrunch dot com, and you will see me in a tie. I promise it won’t be too scary.

For now, sit back, take the cork out of that barrel aged cocktail you have been sitting on since the farm-to-table, vegan farmers’ market and hit play. Let’s get silly.