This Week On Bullish: Let’s Go Unicorn Hunting

Hello friends, and welcome to Bullish, TechCrunch’s newest show. We’re going to ship a new episode directly to your monitor each and every Wednesday morning, so make sure to set your DVR browser to

This week, our very first, we focused on the concept of unicorns, a term that was born on these pages, and recently re-examined by Aileen Lee in an epic post that is far more than worth your time.

Joining us to kick things off is Keith Krach, the current CEO of Docusign, a unicorn in its own right. The company has raised several hundred million dollars this year, and is currently valued north of $3 billion. Krach dropped by TechCrunch to talk about the massive expansion of companies valued north of $1 billion, and to agree that he is not, in fact, a teen.

Hit play, shoot me a tweet with feedback, and, I hope, enjoy. The format of the show is new to your humble host, so if I’m not perfect, know that I’m working hard on reading from a screen while pretending not to.