This Week On Bullish: Stacey Ferreira’s Call For Optimism

Welcome back to Bullish, TechCrunch’s newest show that may or may not be a ruse to force me into a tie every week. This time ’round we invited Stacey Ferreira to drop by HQ to dish on her new book, 2 Billion Under 20, which argues against the idea that the kids these days are useless layabouts.

A compendium of stories about younglings in action, Ferreira’s tome is essentially a response to the trope that the current generation — the millennials — are lazy, entitled, and hellbent on never leaving home.

At issue is the simple idea that generational lines are blurry, and what counts as youth in the context of entrepreneurship is something that you can essentially invent — at what age do you drop the kid tag, and just operate as a normal founder?

Regardless, Ferreira’s optimism is a turn against the cynicism we tend to find in the media. Let’s go.