This Week On CrunchWeek: Tesla’s Model X, Google’s New Toys, And Someone Called Jack

Hello friends, and welcome to another episode of CrunchWeek, TechCrunch’s weekly roundup show that brings you the best of the past seven days in just around 10 minutes.

This week myself, and the excellent Megan Rose Dickey and Drew Olanoff gathered to riff on Tesla’s new Model X, Google’s recent hardware introductions including the new Chromecast, and, of course, what’s up with Jack.

As a minor aside, the Twitter drama has become slightly surreal. Investors are impatient, the board is under heavy fire, and the hoi polloi are curious if Twitter’s product is something that can be turned around in short order. The irony is that Twitter’s product, at least among its core users, is something held on a pedestal; at issue is how to grow that group while not estranging the folks who create the massive influx of content that Twitter’s business is predicated on.

Where do you draw the line between dilution and orthodoxy?

I believe that we managed to make it through the episode without making a single Silicon Valley joke, which is to our credit given the Model X’s door structure. We will see you all in a week. In the meantime, stay cool.