Head Of Product Says Twitter Will ‘Absolutely’ Stay An Independent Company

Twitter’s Head of Product Kevin Weil told attendees at Code/Mobile that Twitter would “absolutely” remain an independent company after tanking stocks prompted rumors earlier this year the company may sell.

Weil stepped into the hot seat with Kara Swisher at Code/Mobile and said the storm was calming at Twitter just a day after the company launched its new feature Moments, which aims to open the platform by bringing real-time news to users. Twitter also announced earlier this week that founder Jack Dorsey, who had been acting as interim CEO for the past four months, would stay on full time.

But according to Weil, that won’t be much of a change.

“There was no way in which he acted like an interim CEO,” Weil said.

Though Weil had lots of praise for Dorsey’s return, he wouldn’t say jack about whether or not the company would drop its 140-character limit — even after Swisher pressed him multiple times.

Weil also addressed one of the biggest complaints from frequent Tweeters. From Kim Kardashian to everyone with poor spelling, many have wondered why Twitter doesn’t allow you to edit your Tweets. Weil said the company has no timeline for introducing the ability to edit Tweets because it would allow users to change the meaning of Tweets, which could be particularly problematic when they’re embedded or linked to in other places.

Though he could not comment on these rumored short term developments, Weil did share visions for the future of Twitter, which is to bring you news as it breaks where you need it — even if that’s not on your phone or computer screen.

“If we can tell you what’s happening in your world right now, why wouldn’t you want that in your car?” Weil said.