INNOVATE2016: Toward A More Creative Political Class

As the Executive Director of the Technology Ventures Program at Stanford, Tina Seelig is a leading authority on creativity and entrepreneurship in America.

Indeed, she has just published a new book, Insight Out, which offers a path of how to get creative ideas out of our heads and into the world.

So what kind of advice would Seelig give to American politicians who mostly seem clueless about applying creativity and innovation in America?

The great challenge for American politics and politicians in the 2016 election, Seelig told me, is to break out of the zero-game sum mentality of Washington DC.

This “if they win, you lose” thinking, Seelig says, is what is holding back real innovation in American politics. And what the Washington DC can learn from Silicon Valley, she insists, is the creative competition between technology rivals which actually spurs innovation.