The Last CrunchWeek

Update: I forgot to mention Ryan Lawler at the end of this post. To be clear, he was not just a coworker, but a friend. And he’s someone who consistently had my back, and encouraged me to keep at it. In the realm of friends saying that you are ok to be yourself, he was ace. That, and he was a regular CrunchWeek guest and host who was a pleasure to video with. I miss him. 

Hello friends, and welcome to the very last CrunchWeek. After a three-year run, this little show is over. Sometimes things change.

Regardless, it was a pleasure to send off this particular ship into the void flanked by Megan Rose Dickey and Matthew Lynley, two humans that I hold in the highest regard.

This time ’round the table for the last time, we dug into the purchase of Misfit by Fossil, a wave of innovation in the music space, and the iPad Pro. It was a fun shoot, but also one that was a bit tough.

It’s been a pleasure and an honor to be a part of the show. CrunchWeek was, for me, the happiest 10 minutes of my week. The format, the hosts, and even its damn set were, to me, something that became home.

TechCrunch’s video work, however, has reached a new level of quality. And in our new studio, not all legacy shows will persist.

So for Leena, for Colleen, for Drew, for Anthony, for Buhr, for Cat, for Alexia, for MRD, and for Lynley, off we go. There’s more work to do. I hope you like the last episode.