Here is how to watch the Apple vs. FBI congressional hearing live

Today at 1pm EST representatives from Apple and the FBI will give testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C. The hearing is titled “The Encryption Tightrope: Balancing Americans’ Security and Privacy,” and will be streamed live on YouTube.

The hearing will cover the events surrounding the FBI’s request for Apple to unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook.

Apple’s opening statement will be delivered by General Counsel Bruce Sewell, which you can read here in advance of the hearing. The FBI hasn’t released any statements yet, but look for FBI director James Comey to be arguing on behalf of the bureau.

And, if you need to get brought up to speed on the Apple vs. FBI saga, check out our timeline which will catch you up on everything you need to know about the series of events.