HTC Vive X accelerator opens program to Shenzhen for VR hardware startups

HTC is rapidly mobilizing resources to build the broader ecosystem its own Vive virtual reality hardware will fit into. A big part of this strategy is its Vive X accelerator program which is aiming to train the next generation of innovative VR companies.

For HTC, the onus has largely been on bolstering outstanding VR content companies. Today, the company announced that it has added Shenzhen to its list of available locations for the Vive X program, which already has sites in Taipei, Beijing and San Francisco. The added location represents an added emphasis on VR hardware startups for the accelerator which HTC has already built up a $100 million fund for.

The company also released details today on the 33 Batch-1 VR content companies that had been selected for their accelerator program. They largely represent companies in the VR entertainment, education and application segments. The startups were chosen from an application batch of about 1,200 companies.

Vive X is in its earliest stages, but it’s clear that it’s already an important first step for HTC in future-planning its next platform shift. It’s a great sign that HTC is opening its focus to hardware startups, both for the future of VR in general and future Vive compatibility with external hardware add-ons.