YouTube opens a Creator Store retail shop at Google’s London offices

There’s more than one way to monetize your online video content. Sure, you can go the old-fashioned route, making ads and clicks and such. But just wait until your preferred platform opens a one-off storefront where you can peddle your wares for the real money to roll in.

Following the recent unveiling of a space in the UK that provides YouTube stars with a place to record and edit video attached to its King’s Cross headquarters in London, the service is will also be Creator Store. High Profile YouTubers will be able to sell merchandise at the gift shop, including swag like t-shirts, books, mugs and the like.

Profits from the shop will go directly to the creators, and the store will also be used to house book signings and product releases, according to Business Insider. In addition to the store and record facilities, the spot also includes a coffee bar and a community accessible gathering spot for the public where people can gaze admiringly at YouTubbers.