Listen to TCBC Episode 2: Brian Heater on IFA, Galaxy Note 7 and more

In case you missed the premiere last week, TechCrunch has a new podcast, and it’s TCBC, a show where I speak to a different writer on staff each week about their beat, the stories they’re following, and the tech news that’s most important to them right now.

This week, it’s almost time for IFA, the CES of Europe (the other CES of Europe that isn’t MWC, at least). Our resident hardware expert Brian Heater is on his way there, and he gave me a preview of what to expect. We also talked about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which he recently reviewed, and the Kobo Aura One, an e-reader from the only company that’s been able to continue competing with Amazon in that highly specific space.

You can listen via the stream embedded above, or check us out and subscribe on iTunes (and leave a review), or in your podcast player of choice.