Watch GoPro debut its Karma drone and more this morning

GoPro needs a hero. And then some. The action camera company hasn’t issued a major release to the flagship device that bears its name in a couple of years. Of late, it’s been making a big push into the world of VR, through new software and the Omni camera rig. But is that enough to keep the company moving into 2017 and beyond?

This morning at 9:00AM PT, from the mountains high about the California/Nevada border, tit will be unveiling its next big play. The company has already teased the living daylights out of its forthcoming Karma drone, a former team up with DJI that is set to take GoPro’s cameras to the skies.

Given the size and scope of this morning’s event, we can probably expect a whole heck of a lot more, as well. But will it be enough to keep the company at the forefront of the industry?

Tune in to the above stream — and keep refreshing the site as we update and break down the latest goings on from the company.