Climate change and cleantech provide unlikely first flashpoints in Presidential debate

In the opening moments of the presidential debate, some of the first flashpoints came over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s push for clean energy and clean technology in her economic development plan.

While both presidential challengers, Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump, support infrastructure spending, Clinton came out during the debates with a full-throated support for renewable energy.

“It’s important we grip this and deal with it,” Clinton said of the threat climate change poses to the nation. Her solution, as part of a push for economic prosperity, is to deploy a half a billion solar panels and “build a modern electric grid.”

“That’s a lot of new jobs. That’s a lot of economic activity,” Clinton said.

Meanwhile, Clinton accused Trump of claiming that global warming was a hoax created by the Chinese government to sabotage American business interests.

That led to a heated exchange in which Trump denied making the claim and accused Clinton of rehashing policies that led to the loss of millions for the U.S. government.

Unfortunately, Trump tweeted this.

Although some Twitter users claimed Trump’s campaign deleted the tweet, it appears to still be live as of this writing.

“She talks about solar panels. We invested in a solar company. Our country. That was a disaster,” Trump said.

Trump is likely referring to the tax credits and other assistance that the Obama Administration pumped into startup tech companies in the years from 2008 to 2012 during the cleantech bubble.