Pre-orders go live for $199 Oculus Touch motion controllers

Oculus is now taking pre-orders for their Touch motion controllers that bring your hands and body into VR on their Rift headset.

The company announced details regarding the controllers, including the $199 price and December 6 ship date, at their Oculus Connect developers conference last week.

To atone for some of the major issues that accompanied the Rift at launch, the company is ensuring that Rift owners who bought the system through get priority access to getting Touch as quickly as possible, as long as they order before October 27, that is.

This launch is a pretty major one for Oculus, which is treating Touch as a secondary system launch for the Rift. It’s easy to see why; the VR titles I’ve seen that use Touch are some of the coolest virtual reality experiences on the market.

There are 35 new games launching with Touch support on December 6. Additionally, all pre-orders will include two bundled titles that take advantage of the new controllers: The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge.

The rather pricey peripherals notably also include a second camera sensor to boost tracking accuracy, as well as an add-on mount to connect the controller to a Rock Band guitar. Users can furthermore also secure an additional sensor for $79 to further strengthen the Rift’s tracking system.

Hopefully this launch goes better than the Rift’s…