Samsung begins rolling out Note 7 exchange points at airports

The Galaxy Note 7 is no longer permitted on flights from the U.S. and a number of other countries, and so there is lots of potential for difficulty at airports where customers who haven’t yet been able to return their affected device (or who stubbornly refuse to do so) have to get on a plane. Samsung is looking to make things easier for affected customers with airport-based exchange kiosks, however, where you can get your device swapped, including a data transfer.

A presence at airports is a key ingredient to help make sure this return process goes as smoothly as possible, especially since a recent estimate on the number of devices still in use around the world puts the total at around 1 million recalled Note 7 smartphones. And bringing the Note 7 on a plane isn’t just a minor infraction like forgetting to put your seat in the upright position prior to take off – fines or even imprisonment are both possible outcomes for travellers who ignore the ban.

So far, Samsung has made customers in Australia aware of the location and process for using the airport service points directly via a notice on its website, and similar setups have been spotted in other airport locations, as at SFO described in the tweet below.

The key ingredient here is that Samsung is offering data transfer on the spot – given the ban, if a user is not backing up their device data to the cloud, there would be little recourse for recovery of any onboard info were they to have to surrender the phone on the spot before boarding a flight.

Via The Verge