DJI now says early Mavic Pro orders should be processed in “seven to eight weeks”

DJI today issued a statement apologizing and detailing shipping details for the Mavic Pro. The company now says it “will do our best” to clear Mavic Pro orders received before November 3, 2016 within the next seven to eight weeks. Initially, DJI said the Mavic Pro would start shipping on October 15 and hit stores November 2nd.

But what about the cash customers handed over when pre-ordering their Mavic Pro? DJI hasn’t said if it will issue refunds, but instead stated today that “examining potential alternatives with our payment provider” — whatever that means.

DJI announced the Mavic Pro with great fanfare but has so far been unable to deliver the drone. The company has said repeatedly that demand outpaced expectations and the company is revamping its processing systems. But that’s not good enough for many consumers. Visit any DJI forum or fan site and you’ll find countless customers upset with DJI’s handling of the Mavic Pro. It seems the main complaint is lack of transparency.

We tried to buy a Mavic Pro at DJI’s South Korea flagship store last week and were told they were not available there either. The sales associate was happy to let us try one, but was unable to give us an estimate of when that store would have them in stock.

The Mavic Pro is DJI’s first foldable drone. It’s an amazing little device, really. I have a Mavic Pro in for review, but it doesn’t matter what I think about it if it’s not available for purchase.

A tour of DJI’s South Korea flagship store