Kohl’s will now sell the Apple Watch in select stores

In a bid to juice declining sales, department store Kohl’s will begin selling the Apple Watch in 400 of its stores starting on November 15th, according to a new report from Fortune. Unlike Macy’s, which also recently added the device to its in-store Apple boutiques, Kohl’s says it’s not launching Apple Watch as an electronics partner. Rather, it will sell the smartwatch in its activewear and wellness sections, the retailer said.

The move follows other attempts by Kohl’s to establish its brand as a retailer focused on activewear, particularly for the female consumer. Earlier this year, for example, it added Under Armour apparel, accessories and footwear to all of its 1,160 stores.

In the Kohl’s stores where the Apple Watch is sold, it will be placed on four-foot tall displays which will show off four different models. Ten different kinds of Apple Watches will be stocked, and Kohl’s employees will staff the Apple Watch section.

The tie-up is hoped to attract more customers to the department store over the holiday shopping period, including those with more to spend – and who may not have otherwise frequented a Kohl’s. Meanwhile, for Apple, the partnership means it will gain access to a wider demographic for its smartwatch – including the discount shopper that a brand like Kohl’s attracts.

Outside of Apple stores, several retailers today now carry Apple Watch, including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods, for example.

Macy’s, which announced plans to sell the watch only weeks ago, will only feature Apple Watch in 180 stores.

The Kohl’s Black Friday ad, out now, shows how it will use the Apple Watch to entice shoppers. The company is advertising the Apple Watch Series 2 as available for $369, earning $105 Kohl’s Cash, and the $269 Apple Watch Series 1 earns $75 in Kohl’s Cash.