Bradley Tusk points out the bright side of Trump presidency in memo to portfolio companies

Tusk Holdings, the parent company for Tusk Ventures and Tusk Strategies, is an investor in many of the most notable startups in the land, including Uber, FanDuel, and Handy.

With a diverse and rich portfolio, the venture firm sent out a memo to all of its portfolio companies, outlining the possible implications of a Trump presidency. In it, the firm dives into each sector that may be affected and lists out what may be unexpected for those sectors after Clinton’s loss.

An excerpt:

The odds of seeing activist, tough-on-business, cabinet members who aggressively pursue regulatory action are lower. This also means that pending mergers are far more likely to be approved, charter schools will not face federal opposition, the sharing economy will not risk being shut down by new federal worker classification regulations, the SEC will not aggressively involve itself in private, illiquid companies and assets, and peer-to-peer lending will not face significant federal opposition, among many, many other issues.

We thought this would be useful for the tech community at large and have embedded the memo here.

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