More info leaks out ahead of LG’s G6 launch

LG hasn’t been doing a great job keeping a tight lid on the G6. But, then, who can blame them? The company needs a hit on the heels of a hefty Q4 loss, chalking the dire financials up to “weak sales” of the G5 – and while it claims that the V20 is doing just fine, thank you very much, the dual-camera handset wasn’t nearly enough to offset that disappointment.

The new handset is slated for a big Mobile World Congress unveil in a few weeks, but in the meantime, it’s been getting highlighted left and right through leaks and off-handed executive mentions since around CES.

This latest round, first posted by CNET, fits with what we already know about the device. Namely, the 5.7-inch handset ditching its predecessor’s modular design, which the company has seemingly written off as a bit of a failed experiment. In fact, the handset drops the removable battery altogether, in order to make the device waterproof like many of its contemporaries.

The handset will also reportedly be sporting an older Snapdragon 821 chip, as it “didn’t want to hold up the launch of the device” in get the new 835 – something that likely won’t bode well for the device’s premium ambitions.

It will, however, reportedly ship with Google Assistant, with built-in support for Amazon Alexa arriving on future LG handsets by year’s end – again, LG just didn’t get to it in time for launch.