Samsung said to be looking to get on Trump’s good side by mulling a new US plant

What’s the best way to get on the new president’s good side if you’re a tech company? Open a manufacturing plant in the States. Or at the very least, have someone report that you’re considering it. Samsung’s pretty noncommittal about a new Reuters report that the South Korean electronics giant is looking to open a new US-based plant for manufacturing appliances.

“We continue to evaluate new investment needs in the U.S. that can help us best serve our customers,” is the company’s official line thus far, referencing investments like its Austin, Texas-based chip plant, in which it announced it would be investing an additional $1 billion prior to the election, bringing new jobs to the area.

The report was more than enough for the noted Android user turned President to take to Twitter to enthusiastically thank the company, adding, “we’d love to have you” and citing an Axios report on the Reuters story.

Reporting thus far comes from “sources close to the matter” without sufficient authority to speak on behalf of the company. And while Samsung has yet to acknowledge anything publicly, the move is already being seen as a way to push back on mounting criticism against imports fueled by the administration.

Trump made US-based manufacturing a cornerstone of his campaign, with direct promises to pressure companies like Apple to make products in the States. He has also been quick to take credit for any positive news pertaining to US-based manufacturing, like the Softbank news that arrived late last year.

The news follows an announcement last month that fellow South Korean manufacturer LG was also considering a US plant, with Tennessee being named as a potential location.