3DRudder’s latest software update turns it into a foot-powered mouse

The 3DRudder began its peculiar life as a foot-powered mouse, designed by an architectural student looking for an alternate input for created designed in CAD programs. By the time it hit the market a while back, it had transformed into a clever take on the problem of virtual reality locomotion, moving the player around in a game with the tilt of a side.

A new software update is returning the peripheral to its roots, adding mouse functionality back into the controller, so users can surf the web using their feet. Probably not the most practical way to do it, but an option nonetheless – and perhaps an interesting opportunity for the company to offer accessibility options for people who have trouble using their arms for any number of reasons.

Mouse mode works for Windows 8 and 10 systems, using the left foot as a left click and the right foot as a right click, with various scrolling and different functions that can be tweaked in the software. The company also suggests using the hardware for office “multitasking,” which is something I’d like to see.

The startup is also working with health care providers to help expand the usefulness of the product.