Meet 3 of the companies in the Disrupt NY Founder Spotlight

Disrupt NY is but a month away, and we’re more excited than ever about our brand new Founder Spotlight.

The Founder Spotlight gives young but proven startups the chance to tell their origin story, from that original “Aha!” moment to the pivot, if there was one, to today. It will also give budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to hear actual founders talk about their journey from their old job to being top dog at a rapidly growing startup.

We’ve already revealed the first three companies participating in the Founder Spotlight, and today we have three more for you: Capsule, Nestio, and PS Dept.


Capsule is a re-invention of the pharmacy. The company has built out its own team of pharmacists and an actual brick-and-mortar pharmacy in NYC so that users can have their prescriptions filled and delivered whenever they want. While most pharmacies invest profits back into the retail side of the store, selling candy and magazines, Capsule instead invests its returns back into its chat services, letting users ask questions and get medical information via SMS, web chat, and email. Capsule has raised money from Thrive, but has yet to disclose the amount.


Nestio first launched in 2011 as a consumer-facing service to help renters find apartments, aggregating Trulia and Streeteasy listings in a single app. Since, however, Nestio has pivoted to solve for the core problem: out-of-date listings. Brokers, management companies and landlords have been using antiquated technology for years to market and update their listings. With Nestio, which operates on a standard SaaS model, those same parties are able to communicate amongst each other in real time, providing a much better experience for their own clients, the renters.

PS Dept

PS Dept combines big data and the wits of a real person to make sure its users have the easiest, most accurate access to information around designer clothing. Most high-fashion shoppers know what they want and they want it now, but access to information around availability can be difficult to come by. PS Dept uses an easy messaging platform to help users find the bag, shoes, or blouse that they’ve been searching for, while providing brands and retailers with a dedicated customer service arm. PS Dept has raised $6.4 million to date.

Alongside the super stars of the Founder Spotlight, Disrupt NY’s speaker list is downright awesome. We encourage you to check out speakers here, and grab yourself a ticket to Disrupt right here.

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