TC’s Original Content podcast watches the Emmys and goes to Disrupt

This week, we’re mixing up the format on TechCrunch’s Original Content podcast.

Your hosts Darrell Etherington and Anthony Ha were both at the Disrupt SF conference this week, which meant that they were able to record the news recap in person. We discussed Hulu’s big victories at the Emmy Awards, other Emmy wins for Netflix and Hulu and CBS’ new Star Trek series, which we’re hoping to review next week.

Also in attendance were Eric Berger, the general manager of Sony’s streaming service Crackle, and Ben Ketai, creator of the Crackle original series StartUp. So instead of an in-depth review, we’ve got quick interviews with both Berger and Katai.

StartUp might sound like a Silicon Valley knockoff, but instead, it’s a story taking place at the intersection of crime and technology. The first season included a fictional cryptocurrency called GenCoin (in fact, Sony created a booth at Disrupt to evangelize for GenCoin) while season two shifts the focus to a darknet prototype called Araknet.

Also in season two, which premieres on September 28, Ron Perlman joins a cast that already includes Martin Freeman and Adam Brody.

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