Apple releases iOS 11.0.2 with a fix for crackling audio on iPhone 8

If you just bought an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, you may have encountered a rather annoying issue. Some new iPhone users could hear crackling sound during calls. Apple just released iOS 11.0.2, which includes a handful of bug fixes, including a fix for this bug.

Many users have been reporting crackling noise ever since the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus came out. A colleague also noticed the same bug with two different phones.

At first, everybody believed it was a hardware issue because not all iPhones were affected. But Apple released the first beta version of iOS 11.1 last week and it fixed the issue with a simple software update. Apple expedited the bug fix and shipped a minor 11.0.2 bug fix update so that users don’t have to wait for iOS 11.1.

Head over to the Settings app on your iPhone, then tap ‘General,’ then ‘Software Update.’ Even if you don’t have an iPhone 8 and are happy with iOS 11.0, Apple usually releases many bug fixes in the weeks following a major update.

If you want to download the update from your computer, plug your phone and launch iTunes to update. Don’t forget to back up your device before updating. You never know what could go wrong. Make sure iCloud backups are working fine in your device settings, or back up your device using iTunes.