We’re doin’ it live: Let’s talk Apple HomePod

After what seems like an endless wait, Apple’s HomePod finally lands this week. You can read our freshly posted review — it’s the next best thing to actually buying the thing (and a lot less experience).

We’re also trying something a bit new, with a liveblog reaction, discussing Apple’s first foray into the smart speaker category and answering some questions along the way.  If you’ve got any burning queries about the product, feel free to reach out to Matthew (@panzer), Megan (@meganrosedickey) and myself (@bheater) over on Twitter, and we’ll do our best to answer them down below.

Of course, Apple’s far from the first company to enter the category. Both Amazon and Google have been operating in the smart speaker space for some time with the Echo and Home (respectively). But the HomePod marks an important next step for Siri, finally bringing the smart assistant into the living room in a meaningful way. And, of course the product does so in a way that’s uniquely Apple.