Check out these awesome workshops at TC Sessions: Robotics May 11 at UC Berkeley

Hard to believe, but TC Sessions: Robotics is just over a week away. We’ve got some of the top minds in the industry on the schedule for the event, including Andy Rubin, Laura Tyson, Marc Raibert, Robert Full, Melonee Wise, Ayanna Howard, Pieter Abbeel and Chris Urmson.

As we told you last week, we’ll have some amazing robot demos at the event as well, including Boston Dynamics’ new SpotMini, Agility Robotics’ Cassie and some incredible projects from UC Berkeley. In addition to all of that, we’ll also be hosting a number of really incredible workshops exploring topics like VC, DARPA funding and building hardware.

DARPA program manager Tim Chung will be on hand at the event to discuss the Subterranean Challenge, the defense agency’s latest initiative aimed at creating underground search and rescue technologies. The challenge asks participants to “rapidly map, navigate, and search underground environments.” Chung will also discuss the ways in which robotics companies and researchers can work with DARPA.

The House, a Berkeley-based startup accelerator will present a panel featuring Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences founders and faculty to discuss what it takes to launch a successful robotics startup in the Bay Area.

Adam Bry, the cofounder and CEO of Redwood City-based drone startup Skydio will also lead a session exploring the company’s work on building and iterating its in-house hardware and software.

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