Red Dead Online launches in beta tomorrow

A month after launching to universal acclaim, Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally getting its online component. Red Dead Online launches in beta this week, with access opening for users starting tomorrow.

The roll out is admittedly a bit convoluted. Rockstar is clearly staggering things here, so as to avoid a repeat of the clustereff it experienced a few years back with the GTA Online launch. Those who purchased the $90 Ultimate Edition get first dibs, starting tomorrow. From there, new slots will open daily, based on when users first played the title, before things open to everyone on Friday.

The online version of the wildly popular western builds on the original title’s multiplayer modes, with both competitive and co-op elements. A narrative of sorts will tie the title together, though it will understandably be less complex than the one found in the offline single player, according to Variety. The open-world gameplay will include hunting, fishing and riding with posses of up to seven players.

The title has already proven a massive hit for Rockstar, moving more than 17 million copies in its first two weeks.