MoviePass’s film studio signed a three-year deal with Bruce Willis

Say what you will about MoviePass (and there’s plenty to be said), the company doesn’t give up. The theater ticket subscription service’s production wing has dried the ink on a three-picture deal with John McClane himself, Bruce Willis.

Deadline, which first broke the news, notes that Willis has a longstanding relationship with Randall Emmett and George Furla, MoviePass Films’ dual CEOs, who founded the company as Emmett/Furla Films way back in 1998.

MoviePass’s parent Helios and Matheson Analytics acquired the assets to Emmett Furla Oasis Films back in May, transforming it into a film financing wing of the then-popular theater service. Since then, the studio’s track record has been hit or miss with the first major film Gotti proving a near-historic stinker.

Even so, it’s faring better than MoviePass itself, which has proven something of an inextinguishable garbage fire over the last several months. CEO Mitch Lowe acknowledged as much in a recent interview, noting, “we’re in the process of fixing all the things that went wrong.”