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Robin Julius

Senior Software Engineer

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You, minion. Lift my arm. AFTER HIM! When I was first asked to make a film about my nephew, Hubert Farnsworth, I thought “Why should I?” Then later, Leela made the film. But if I did make

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Apple and Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon also Uber

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Of all the friends I’ve had… you’re the first. And from now on you’re all named Bender Jr. No argument here. It’s toe-tappingly tragic! Are you crazy? I can’t swallow t

Liveblog Example Maybe

This is the liveblog description here. Hey so, this Liveblog example should do the trick. Let’s see.

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You’re gonna have to speak up I’m wearing a towel. Am I too late for the 4:30 autogyro? The ring came off my pudding cap! BART DO YOU WANT TO SEE MY NEW CHAINSAW AND HOCKEY MASK? I used to