Nintendo Reports US$923 Million Loss In The First Half Of This Fiscal Year

Not too long ago, <a href="https://develop.techcrunch.com/tag/nintendo">Nintendo</a> was printing money every month after landing two hardware smash hits in a row, the <a href="https://develop.techcru

Hori Announces Steering Wheel Peripheral For Mario Kart On 3DS

There is a very special peripheral for future owners of Mario Kart 7 on the <a href="https://develop.techcrunch.com/tag/3ds/">3DS</a> coming soon, but it's not made by <a href="https://develop.techcru

Nintendo 3DS Gets Camera Update, Charming Mario Editions

Nintendo has just wrapped a press conference going over some developments for the <a href="beta.techcrunch.com/tag/3ds/">3DS</a>. The platform has seen strong but lower than expected sales, though the

Nintendo Gets Serious About Streaming, Announces Hulu Plus Will Soon Hit The Wii, 3DS

Hulu Plus has long been missing from the Wii leaving Netflix as the only major streaming service on the gaming console. But that changes soon. Nintendo just announced that Hulu Plus will soon be avail

I Heard You Liked 3DS Circle Pad So I Put A Circle Pad On Your Circle Pad

Capcom has let slip that an official <a HREF="https://develop.techcrunch.com/tag/Nintendo">Nintendo</a> 3DS <i>add-on</i> circlepad - the circular joystick on the left side of the console - will be av

Nintendo DS Hits 50 Million Units Sold In US, But At What Price?

Sales stats for the month of September have been propagated by the NPD Group, and the usual suspects are on there with no major upsets. The 360 is leading sales with 483,000 units sold, followed by th

3DS In Red: Japan Gets SD Gundam G Generation 3DS Premium Box

Following Capcom's <a href="https://develop.techcrunch.com/2011/10/06/japan-to-get-3ds-in-ice-white-and-3ds-monster-hunter-g-bundle/">“Monster Hunter 3G Special Pack”</a>, Japan is soon to get a s

Japan Is Getting A 3DS In Pink (“For The Girls”)

That <a href="https://develop.techcrunch.com/2011/09/13/the-ghastly-nintendo-3ds-slidepad-is-real-ships-to-japan-this-december/">horrible 3DS cradle</a> Nintendo showed during the <a href="http://www.

For The 3DS: Nintendo Shows Mario 3D, Mario Kart 7 (Full List Of All Future Titles)

The Tokyo Game Show 2011 is starting tomorrow, an exhibition that Nintendo isn't taking part in traditionally. Instead, big N organized a separate event today, the so-called <a href="http://www.ninten

Report: Nintendo 3DS Gets “Slide Pad” Add-On (First Pic)

This week's issue of the Famitsu, Japan's biggest video game magazine, is due out tomorrow, but gaming geek <a href="http://twitter.com/#!/south1996">@south1996</a> appears to have made an early and p

3D For Everyone! Get The Nintendo 3DS For $150

Nintendo cut the price of the <a href="https://develop.techcrunch.com/tag/3ds">3DS</a> from $250 to $169 <a href="https://develop.techcrunch.com/2011/08/16/after-price-drop-nintendo-japan-sells-215k-3

After Price Drop: Nintendo Japan Sells 215K 3DS Units In 7 Days

<a href="https://develop.techcrunch.com/tag/nintendo">Nintendo</a> caused a major splash in the video game world when it announced to slash the price of the <a href="https://develop.techcrunch.com/tag

Nintendo Leaning On Star Fox 64 3D, Flame Red 3DS To Relaunch The Struggling Handheld

Meet the red 3DS. It's a lot like the standard blue and black model, but, you know, red. The Flame Red color flavor debuted in Japan a while ago, but Nintendo is finally bringing it here as part of th

Early 3DS Price Drop At Wal-Mart Could Enable Savings Plus “Ambassador” Perks

Nintendo recently had an epiphany, owning up to the <a href="https://develop.techcrunch.com/tag/3ds/">3DS's</a> slow launch by <a href="https://develop.techcrunch.com/2011/07/28/nintendo-3ds-to-drop-t

Debaser: Satoru Iwata Apologizes For The 3DS Price Drop

While I haven't heard any popular outcry regarding the <a HREF="https://develop.techcrunch.com/tag/Nintendo">Nintendo</a> 3DS <a HREF="https://develop.techcrunch.com/2011/07/29/nintendo-boss-takes-the

Nintendo Boss Takes The Blame For 3DS Sales, Cuts His Paycheck In Half

When companies go through a rough patch, it's pretty rare to see the big man upstairs step up in an awesome way. Take <a href="https://develop.techcrunch.com/tag/rim">RIM</a> for example. In the m

Nintendo 3DS To Drop To $170 On August 12, Current Owners Get 20 Free Games

The <a HREF="https://develop.techcrunch.com/2011/03/26/review-the-nintendo-3ds-the-next-step-in-portable-gaming-evolution/">Nintendo 3DS</a> is dropping $80 - from $249 to $169 - on August 12 in prepa

Nintendo Cuts Price Of 3DS In Japan By 40% To $190, Other Markets To Follow

We've seen many price drops in the video gaming industry in the last 30 years, but I personally can't remember such a radical move: <a href="https://develop.techcrunch.com/tag/nintendo">Nintendo</a> j

Nintendo Video Hits The 3DS Tomorrow (In Japan Only, Alas)

Nintendo is working hard at making its 3DS less of a "put in a cartridge, play a game" console, and more of an all-purpose gaming/media/social gadget. They're awful slow at it, though, since their ent

Robin And Zelda Williams Featured In Latest Ocarina Of Time 3D Commercial

I learned years ago that Robin Williams was likely the most awesome dad in the world for naming his daughter Zelda. This Ocarina of Time 3D commercial confirms it.
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