Zoom earnings, remote work and a terrible but possibly bright moment for startups

It’s a bit gauche to talk about positive economic impacts of what may become a global pandemic, but the novel coronavirus hasn’t been bad news for every company. Video conference provider

Convo now lets you see which employees got the memo

Convo, a tool perhaps best described as a real-time company message board, picked up a new trick this week: automated acknowledgements. It’s a pretty common thing in the corporate world: you nee

Slack launches threaded messaging to take conversations off to the side

Slack has spent most of its life as a dead-simple workplace communications tool, with small changes happening here or there. But to keep things dead simple means that you have to be very careful when

Convo Follows Its Desktop Revamp With New Mobile Apps

A week after <a href="">launching new web and Mac desktop applications</a>, collaboration is releasing new versions of its mobile apps, too

Collaboration Service Convo Revamps Web Interface For More Speed, More Integrations

Real-time collaboration service <a target="_blank" href="">Convo</a> is unveiling what CEO Faizan Buzdar called "the biggest, most massive update" since it launched. While Slack

How Facebook At Work Could Shrink Faceless Enterprises

When you have a question at a small company, you always know who to ask. But as corporations grow, it becomes impossible to remember everyone's names, let alone their areas of expertise, and communica

Convo Brings Chat To Its iOS And Android Apps

Enterprise social network Convo has finally brought chat from its desktop and web apps to mobile. Today, the company is rolling out a new version of its app for iOS and Android that significantly chan

To Battle Yammer, Slack And Hipchat, Convo Adds GIFs And In-Stream Doc Support

Convo, a platform that lets workers post messages to and converse with others in their company in real time, is today releasing an update with a couple of notable features that alternately make the

Convo Refreshes Its Android App, Launches Chrome Extension

Convo, a social tool for companies to collaborate in real-time, today released new tools for its growing userbase: A Chrome extension, and a refresh of its Android application. As an app, Convo is

Enterprise Social Network Convo Adds At-Rest Encryption To Its Servers To Better Protect Client Data

Convo, an enterprise social network that competes with the now Microsoft-owned Yammer, today announced that it has added at-rest encryption (ARE) to its servers in order to better protect its client i

Convo Raises $5 Million To Double Its Staff, Work To Accelerate Modern Business

Yammer, Convo and Jive are among the business products seeking to provide collaborative enterprises with tooling to allow their respective denizens to work in better harmony and at a faster pace. Ea

Workplace Collaboration Service Convo Releases Updated iOS App With Redesigned News Feed And Comment System

There are very few platforms that have something that you use on a daily basis, let alone on a minute-by-minute basis. Team communication platform service, Convo, is one of those for us at TechCrunch.

CEO Marc Benioff Says Chatter Will Become Primary Interface For Salesforce, A Bold Yet Risky Move

<a target="_blank" href="">Chatter</a> will become the primary interface for, CEO Marc Benioff said today at the kickoff of a national tour fo

Social Platform Unison Adds Voice And Video Using WebRTC, Features You Won’t Find In Yammer, Convo Or Chatter

The news feed is getting increasingly complex. It's evident in <a href="">Salesforce Ch