Dear Sophie: How will this election nail-biter affect immigration?

Whatever the election results, there will still be many ways for people to legally navigate the U.S. immigration process and access the opportunity and security of life here.

Dear Sophie: Would a Trump win abolish the H-1B visa lottery?

Proposed changes to the H-1B lottery are expected to be published in the Federal Register next week and DHS will accept comments from the public on this proposal for 30 days after that.

Dear Sophie: Any upgrade options for E-2 visa holders interested in changing jobs?

My employer, a company based in Slovakia, moved me to the U.S. to help establish our U.S. operations. What are my options if I want to look for other job opportunities here in the U.S. with a differen

Dear Sophie: What visa options exist for a grad co-founding a startup?

What are the visa prospects for a graduate completing an advanced degree at a university in the United States who wants to co-found a startup after graduation? Can the new startup or my co-founders sp

Dear Sophie: I came on a B-1 visa, then COVID-19 happened. How can I stay?

I had only planned to stay a couple months, but got stuck. Now my company has some real opportunities to expand. How can I stay and start working?

Dear Sophie: How can employers hire & comply with all this new H-1B craziness?

Although both the DOL and DHS rules will likely be challenged, they will likely remain in effect for some time before any litigation has an impact.

Dear Sophie: Is it easier and faster to get an O-1A than an EB-1A?

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons of O-1A and EB-1A visas.

Dear Sophie: Now that a judge has paused Trump’s H-1B visa ban, how can I qualify my employees?

We have several new hires waiting for visa interviews outside of the U.S. How can they now qualify to get visas to come to the U.S.?

Dear Sophie: Will October 2020 Visa Bulletin changes expedite my immigration case?

I’ve been waiting for years for my green card. Is there any way to expedite my case? What does the October shift in Visa Bulletin priority dates mean for me?

Dear Sophie: Possible to still get through I-751 and citizenship after divorce?

Sophie Alcorn Contributor Share on Twitter Sophie Alcorn is the founder of Alcorn Immigration Law in Silicon Valley and 2019 Global Law Experts Awards’ “Law Firm of the Year in California for Entr

Dear Sophie: How can I get my 2-year foreign residency requirement for my J-1 waived?

My husband started his own company here on his J-2 visa work permit, and our daughter was born here, but we’re supposed to return to Italy for two years. How can we get a 212(e) waiver?

Dear Sophie: Can we sponsor an H-1B university researcher for an EB-1B green card?

How long does the EB-1B process take? What can we do to maximize our chances for approval?

What does GPT-3 mean for the future of the legal profession?

GPT-3 provides some new tools in a legal department’s arsenal and will be focused on assessing practical, impactful solutions, hopefully making better legal organizations in the process.

Dear Sophie: Latest immigration and H-1B updates

Exceptions for new H-1B visas at embassies and consulates around the world will help a lot of tech companies whose employees got stuck outside the U.S.

How to establish a startup and draw up your first contract

Founders are encouraged, incentivized and pressured to begin transacting with customers as quickly as possible to drive growth and revenue. But making legal mistakes early in the game can create costl

Dear Sophie: How can I transfer my H-1B to my startup?

I’m employed at a major Silicon Valley tech company in H-1B status. I want to found a startup. How can I work at the startup?

Dear Sophie: How can we sponsor H-1B transfers and extensions?

I work in people ops at a startup,. but we have no experience with H-1B visas. What should we know about hiring an H-1B visa holder?

Dear Sophie: How can I speed up getting a green card?

There are green card options that don’t require you to have an employer or family sponsor and a few methods that might support you to minimize your wait time.

Dear Sophie: How should I prepare for a green card interview?

We’re expecting to get a green card interview scheduled soon. What should we expect and how should we prepare?

Dear Sophie: What does the new online classes rule mean for F-1 students?

The new order will force many international students at schools that are only offering remote online classes to find an “immigration plan B” or leave the U.S. before the fall term to avoid being d
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